Nicole Larsen | Founder/Principal Designer

Nicole started her graphic design firm to offer marketing and design services to businesses. With over 20 years marketing experience, her primary focus was marketing to kids, tweens and teens in the rapidly-evolving Youth market. That focus has quickly expanded to numerous industries and a skill set that's taken clients from start-ups to multi-million dollar companies.


Nicole graduated with an MBA (Emphasis in Marketing) from Pepperdine University. She brings extensive knowledge of print, web, social media, apparel design, promotional products, programming, tradeshow design, CMS platforms and brand marketing strategy. She's worked on Fortune 500 accounts with top-level ad agencies in Los Angeles as well as the brand side in corporate marketing at toymaker Mattel. With combined experience in product development, brand management, account management, design and media buying, Busy Ave continues to demonstrate success leading marketing campaigns from start to finish.

Busy Ave, Inc. | Mission

Formed in 2008, Busy Ave, Inc. has always demanded a strong passion for modern design and innovative branding strategies for clients. Our company is fueled by a highly-charged positive culture that values a creative marketing approach and constant training. Our team is relentless at offering full service affordable solutions to clients. We pride ourselves on being mentors to up-and-coming marketing strategists and designers.

We've been blessed with the opportunity to transform the image, reputation and efficiency of our clients. 

"When I work with your company, I want to know what keeps you awake at night. What problems are you trying to solve? How can we save you time and money? Where do you want to go? Our team is relentless until we get you there. I look forward to the possibility of working with your company."

     Nicole Larsen

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